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Spring tree

Image by macieklew via Flickr

There are hints of spring in the air. Some warmer days, more sunshine, flowers beginning to pop out of the soil. Many people are expressing happiness and joy at these signs. Often people are surprised with their reaction to the change of the season when they are going through grief. For many, the new season can intensify their grief. Any new sign induces memories of activities enjoyed together during this time of the year, brings reminders of life moving on without this person in your life, and thoughts of what your loved one enjoyed about this time of year.
Acknowledge the sadness that comes with these changes. Know that its normal for grief to intensify right now. Spring brings about some holidays often overlooked as intensifying grief–Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day. Although not as recognized as much as the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza season, these holidays are still significant.
Remember as well to mark the change in the seasons in a way that would honor your loved one. One lady told me that she is planting a memorial garden in honor of her husband. Another is looking forward to getting outdoors to do some of the activities she shared with her husband. Although it will be a mix of sadness and joy in doing these activities alone, she stated that they bring her joy as well because they meant so much to both of them.
And if you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for about spring, this might help. A co-worker told me this week that it is 7.5 months until December. That we get a break from the winter of life and the winter of grief with more sunshine and warmer weather is something remarkable. And worth a small token of thanksgiving.

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